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20170402_065237The above is a photo of the hotel Samagaon where i stayed for the few cold nights

Nepal Trip

During the Mingyur Rinpoche Joyful Wisdom Hong Kong Retreat in September 2016, I entered into a conversation with Paul, who is the official video cameraman for Rinpoche. Of course, we were supposed to be in silent retreat. But I didn’t care. I said to Paul wouldn’t it be great that the story of Rinpoche in retreat be recorded so that more people be inspired by this modern yogi. Thus, I planted this idea onto Paul’s subconsciousness. So Paul started thinking about it day and night.  As things turn out, Rinpoche also obliges us and tells us where he went and what he did. Of course, what is amazing is that Rinpoche agreed to be filmed as well, if he happens to be free.

Thus, the next best thing is for Rinpoche to be freed, which is a tall order.

Rinpoche is never free.
In 2017, Rinpoche will have a punishing schedule, from South Americas, Mexico, the States, Canada, back to the States. Then Rinpoche will go to Europe. All this will finish before his own retreat in August in Kathmandu, after which Rinpoche will commence his Asia tours till the end of the year.

So Rinpoche is never free.

Rinpoche will be back in Numbi by the end of March and early April, but I am scheduled to be in HK
In January this year,  Paul came to HK and told me that Rinpoche might be going back to his hometown before the start of his punishing schedule. He agreed to be filmed in his hometown. Paul was overjoyed when he told me this and he wanted me to come.

I told Paul during that slot I have to be in HK. It is unlikely that I could come. But I will use my willpower to think about the fact that I wanted desperately to go. I wanted to go to Nepal. I wanted to go to Numbi valley. I wanted to see Rinpoche cave that he meditated at the age of 7. I wanted to see Rinpoche in his hometown. 

Can I always change the course of history. I was never able to do so before. But as it turned out, I made it and I embarked on a trip that would change my priorities in life and I think when looking back in twenty years’ time, it has changed my life.

Preparation for Numbi
It was non-existent as I didn’t know what it was and where it was. I suppose I didn’t have to as I can simply rely on Paul to take me there. I knew there would be a helicopter trip which is fine, as I have never ridden one. I knew that I would be staying in the mountains and Paul told me to get some warm clothes. But I didn’t know that it could be that cold, even in the late spring.

When in HK, (and typically on the last day before I flew) i bought a rucksack, some Columbia warm linings, a below temperature sleep bag, some socks, a pair walking sticks and a pair of mountain boots. Being a person whose idea of an exercise is getting a cup of coffee by walking to the coffee shop downstairs only, I thought i wasn’t doing too badly. I had bought some stuff. Little did I know I was not prepared at all for the cold.

I arrived in an airport and turned on my phone and was informed that Li Kar Shing phone company already charged me nearly a thousand dollar for whatever calls or data that I haven’t used or yet to use. So I switched off the phone as panic struck. I wasn’t even in the country for more than fifteen minutes yet. That’s bloody great.

It was a premonition that the internet or the satellite would not be very friendly towards me on this trip.


Paul met me in the airport as prearranged. I was so happy to see him and I was taken to the Hariku hotel which is a really decent hotel. Clean and spacious, it was a nice hotel and situated right next to where Paul lives. That’s great as we have scheduled an early breakfast at six am in the morning and flying to Numbi valley if the weather breaks and the storm passed. I was told that Rinpoche who departed a day earlier, had to land his helicopter and hiked for the rest of the way as the wind/storm was too much for the helicopter to fly.

That was quite reassuring and I thought to myself, Where the hell was my prayer beads!


PS This was what I wrote on 13th May 2017.  I dont know whether it is still relevant.  But since I wrote it, I better publish it before too long.  This is how this blog actually got started as I wanted to reflect on my trip with Rinpoche

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    I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. I’m going to follow you!

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